3 Hidden Features Of WhatsApp That Unlocks Its Full Potential

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps that replace and innovate the idea of simple texting. The platform ceases every moment and comes up with new and fresh to provide its users a reason to stick around for a little longer. 

In the digital applications world, where there are hundreds of messaging apps available, WhatsApp hasn’t left its place as the top performer and that is why several clone the app and look for ways to make app like WhatsApp

Along with a list of features, the application provides many things to the users. But there are still some features you might not know about, and this post will reveal those so you can get the whole platform.

So, let’s head to them without any more delay. 

Share Your Screen During Video Call 

The video features are common in WhatsApp but recently, the platform has introduced a screen-sharing option for a smartphone or a computer (PC or Mac). It allows you to display their screen to them within the video whether it is a presentation to elaborate on a target or pitch a product. 

You can simply share the screen in real-time and open an app of your choice to enjoy an outstanding collaborative experience. If you want to share your screen, simply initiate the video call and click on the screen share button. To end screen sharing, just click on the stop sharing button. 

Make Your WhatsApp More Secure 

Meta makes it easier for you to control all privacy-related features. You can access the new privacy menu from the settings tab which has options to select who can contact you, control your data, and the ability to enable disappearing messages. 

There is also a feature to lock the entire WhatsApp on Android and iOS devices or individual chats to enhance privacy. In the recent update, the platform also enabled options where a user can set a separate password for each chat which enhances the security. 

Send Short Videos To Friends

WhatsApp allows you to send text-based sticker-based, enjoy-based, audio-based, and even video-based messages. Recently Meta introduced short video messages (less than 60 seconds) which will help the users grab the attention of their friends. They appear in a circular format which adds a bit of fun to the message’s appearance. 

You can share a video message by simply clicking on the microphone icon in the bottom right corner and once it changes to a video camera icon, record your message and hit send. It is a more fun way to interact with your friends with mini videos enhancing the experience of users on the platform.   


So, these features will help you get the best of the platform. WhatsApp continuously works to provide the best for their clients and introduces new features. Keep an eye on the upgrade as the application will offer more new features to make texting more fun to you and give a better experience.