3 Must-Have Experiences for Your Antigua Itinerary

Planning a vacation is not as straightforward as it sounds. Now that you have decided to spend the holidays on the beautiful island of Antigua, you must decide what to do, where to go, and which accommodation to choose.

You can boost your Caribbean getaway in many ways, like renting a villa in Antigua instead of booking a hotel room. Additionally, you can try exploring the island’s amazing locations.

From luxurious accommodations to embarking on tours in Antigua, here are three experiences you must have on your vacation:


  1. Stay in a Luxury Villa

How often do you get to stay in an exquisite lodging that offers more than your average hotel? Given the chance, we highly recommend booking a luxury villa as your primary lodging in Antigua.

Luxury villas are large properties that act as homes away from home. They are fully equipped with all the amenities and services you need to feel like a king or queen on holiday. These opulent accommodations are also located in exclusive places tucked away from the bustling cityscapes.

Many resorts in Antigua offer a variety of villas, but none can match the luxury beachfront villas of Tamarind Hills. With properties overlooking the Ffryes and Darkwood beaches, you can enjoy spectacular views from day until night.


  1. Explore the Beaches

Antigua is an island surrounded by beaches, but did you know there are 365 of them?

With that many breathtaking beaches, you can explore one new coast every day for a year. Each beach is unique, with different attractions ranging from casinos and nightclubs to shopping centres and restaurants. 

You won’t run out of things to do in Antigua. Besides frolicking on the sandy shores, you can participate in the various water activities available for tourists. You can go deep sea diving, snorkeling  or sail in a boat around the island.

To make the most of Antigua’s gorgeous beaches, we suggest booking a beachfront villa so you can take in the scenery.


  1. Enjoy the Tours

No vacation is complete without going on the many tours offered by the island. Whether you’re a nature lover or a city explorer, various types of tours are found in Antigua.

For example, you can witness the island from the tropical treetops in the Antigua Rainforest Zipline tour. We also recommend swimming with the stingrays in the island’s unique Stingray & Snorkel tour in Stingray City. 

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, don’t hesitate to book a helicopter tour for a full aerial view of the island.


The Complete Antigua Experience

We understand your excitement might make you want to try all these simultaneously. It can be tiring to make individual reservations, so why not get the chance to try them all without the hassle?

Get in touch with Tamarind Hills, the premiere boutique resort in Antigua. Tamarind Hills can help you achieve the ultimate Antigua itinerary with its beachfront luxury villas, exquisite fine dining, and fantastic concierge services.