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ASK THE LAW Al Shaiba Advocates & Legal Consultants has a very good history of providing family law and personal services to locals and expatriates. There are a large number of Muslim and Non-Muslims expatriates living in the UAE. For non-Muslims, the Sharia Law is not applicable. Their religious and matrimonial Law applies to their personal status matters and disputes in Court. Therefore the Family Lawyers In Dubai, have to be the super expert on Family Laws, Sharia Laws, Personal Status Laws, etc. Our Law Office/Law Company has helped locals and expatriates in personal and domestic issues e.g. Marriage, Child CustodyAlimonyDivorce, Distribution of Assets, Guardianship, Allowance, etc. We proudly say that we are the most trusted and reliable Law Firm in providing Family Law Services where people living in UAE trust us as we do not spoil them or exploit them. Our motto is to provide quality services with the highest level of trust and reliability. Book your consultation session and consult our Emirati Advocates by one of the Best Law Firms in Dubai.

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November 22, 2023