Fulfilling Zakat ul Fitr: Unity and Compassion with Save the

Zakat ul Fitr, often known as “Fitrana,” is a significant Islamic charity observed during Ramadan’s end. Save the People International encourages Muslims to fulfill their obligation by donating this almsgiving, aiding those in need and promoting unity within the community. This annual contribution, obligatory upon those who can afford it, helps ensure that everyone can partake in the joyous Eid celebrations.
It’s a symbol of compassion and solidarity, reflecting the core values of Islam and our organization’s commitment to serving humanity. Your support in fulfilling Zakat ul Fitr is a meaningful way to make a positive impact and uplift the less fortunate in our global community.


November 13, 2023


Save The People (STP) International Is A Canadian Private Charity Foundation That Carries Out Charitable Activities Such As Relieving Poverty By Providing Housing, Education, Health, And Sustainable Living To Deprived And Deserving People Living In Underdeveloped Remote Areas.