How Salt Spray Chambers Can Improve Your Product Quality

Effective Lab salt spray test chamber is an excellent equipment used to test the corrosion quality and resistance of painted, plated and powder-coated items. Salt spray test coating is the best way to check the life of painting, such as powder coating, nickel and chrome, zinc plating, alloy plating, CED coating phosphate surface, copper and tin,electroplated chromium, etc.

Effective Lab is counted among the best salt spray chamber manufacturers in India. Our premium lab testing corrosion test chamber is specially designed as per the critical standards like ISO 9227,ASTM B117,ASTM G85,JIS Z2371. In this chamber we create a salty environment with the help of salt solution and compressed air during the test. The experiment solution ratio will be 95 parts DM water and 5 parts of NaCl (98% lab grade).

Salt Spray Testing In the metal industry, it is important for manufacturers of packaging products and many other types of products to test the durability and quality of their products against corrosion. Effective Lab Salt Spray Chamber for Plating Parts, Paint, and Coatings A high-quality fog test chamber equipped with advanced features that allows manufacturers to easily determine the corrosion resistant properties of materials.

The salt spray tester is one of the most accurate instruments to measure the corrosion resistance of our coatings when exposed to highly corrosive environments while the product is still being manufactured. During manufacturing or product use, materials are exposed to a variety of chemical fumes and climatic conditions that cause degradation of material components and parts. This salt spray test chamber will stimulate atmospheric conditions for testing products under various test conditions.

Therefore salt spray test equipment plays an important role in different kinds of companies to test the samples and analyze the quality of the material being used.

The salt spray chamber has a triple wall to ensure 100% insulation.

It adheres to all important industry standards i.e. JIS Z 2371 and ASTM B117.

Construction: Heavy grade laser cut 316 grade stainless steel has been used inside the canopy and tank.

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