Party Supplies Market Is Projected To Grow Robustly

According to Custom Market Insights (CMI), The Global Party Supplies Market Size was valued at USD 12857 million in 2021 and is estimated to reach USD 20291.7 million by the end of 2030 at a CAGR of approximately 9.8% during the forecast period 2022-2030. 

The increasing trend of social gatherings and parties has boosted the demand for various consumables and disposables required for setting up the ambiance for a party. Therefore, this market mainly deals with the materials needed for decorating a party area for a social gathering. 

The disposable materials available in the market have made it easier for the organizers to deal with the arrangements while producing minimum waste materials, which helps to boost the profit margin. Furthermore, the availability of a wide variety of materials in the market has increased the demand for party supplies worldwide, which is expected to grow further with time.

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Market Dynamics


The increasing trend of social gatherings and parties, followed by youngsters residing in urban areas, has emerged as a significant driving force for the growth of the party supplies market. In addition, the massive demand for participation in multinational companies to organize social gatherings and parties for their employees has also emerged as a significant driving force for market growth. Furthermore, long working hours followed by international companies demand the organization of multiple social gatherings to release stress among the employees.

The increasing trend of conducting parties and social gatherings within the household sector has also boosted the demand and supply of party materials. In addition, the presence of hypermarkets and supermarkets in urban areas has become a significant growth factor that has increased the size of the market to a great extent.


The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic had a considerable impact on the growth of the party supplies market due to the various restrictions imposed by the government along with the lockdown, which hampered the sales and supply of party materials in the market. Rapid economic stability changes worldwide disrupted the demand and supply chain of party materials in society. Various restrictions were imposed on social gatherings by limiting their numbers, which considerably impacted the growth of the party supplies market. Multiple newly developing companies providing party materials were shut down during the pandemic due to a lack of demand and supply of goods.


The existence of a variety of materials that are used for parties will emerge as a significant opportunity for the growth of the market. The use of various materials that people select for various parties has seen an important update about the increasing disposable income available. Furthermore, the rapidly increasing modernization worldwide has encouraged parents to offer their children multiple parties for several occasions utilizing a great variety of party materials.

 The corporate sector also organizes multiple social gatherings to entertain their employees by providing them with recreation facilities, which emerges as another significant opportunity for the growth of the party supply market during the forecast period. In addition, the rapidly advancing choices of the people have encouraged the key market players to provide them with better options for decoration and organization. 


Limitations imposed by the government during the pandemic challenged the growth of the party supplies market to a great extent. In addition, the rapidly changing mentality of people regarding parties and social gatherings has reduced the demand and supply of expensive party materials. 

The high cost associated with the premium quality party materials hampers the market’s growth considerably due to the market’s lack of demand and supply. In addition, the lack of disposable income available to the people inhibits the development of the need to a great extent. These multiple reasons emerge as the challenges in front of the key market players, which hampers the growth of the party supplies market to a great time.

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Report Highlights

Based on product, the segment of disposables and tableware has emerged as the largest market due to the massive demand experienced by society. Based on application, the element of domestic use has emerged as the largest market due to the heavy demand and supply of decorative materials experienced in the market. Based on distribution channels, the segment of hypermarkets and supermarkets has emerged as the largest distributor of party materials due to the ability of a massive variety of brands under a single roof which provides multiple options to potential consumers. Finally, based on geography, the region of North America has emerged as the largest market due to the ongoing trend of social gatherings and parties.

Regional Snapshots

The geographical sector of North America has emerged as the leading market for party supplies due to the extensive demand and supply experienced in this market. The increasing trend of social gatherings and parties, followed by youngsters from this region, has boosted the market demand and supply of party products. In addition, the existence of supermarkets and hypermarkets in this region has also proved to be a significant opportunity for the growth of the party supplies market. 

The existence of multinational companies in this region tends to organize multiple social gatherings for the recreation and entertainment of their employees, which also provides a significant market for party supplies. The part of Asia Pacific has also emerged as a massive market for party supplies due to the tendency to arrange social gatherings and parties within the household, which has become a recent trend. The significant number of festivals and social groups organized in this region emerges as a substantial opportunity for the growth of the party supplies market, which is expected to continue similarly in the future.

Key Players 

  • Hallmark Licensin LLC.
  • Artisano Designs
  • American Greetings Corporation
  • Chinet 
  • Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc.
  • Party City Holdco Inc.
  • Pioneer Worldwide
  • Unique Industries Inc.
  • Oriental Trading Company (OTC)
  • Shutterfly Inc.

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