Prime Waterproofing Pty Ltd

Waterproofing Services in Sydney
With years of experience in the waterproofing industry, we understand the needs and expectations of our clients.

Our waterproofing technicians are highly experienced and fully licensed to waterproof any area of your home or business. We train all our team personally and work together to ensure the job is done right. Having been actively involved with the construction process before and after the waterproofing application, we see the bigger picture and can give accurate advice regarding the proper installation methods and finishes required.

When choosing a waterproofing service in Sydney, it is important to consider the company’s experience, reputation, and expertise in the field. Prime Waterproofing is the licensed and insured contractors who use quality waterproofing products and adhere to industry standards. We will help you to ensure that you receive competitive pricing and a comprehensive solution for your waterproofing needs.

When it comes to applying waterproofing membrane there is no room for error. The damage a wet area can cause to a home or building is enormous and can take anywhere between 3 months or a few years to appear.

Prime Waterproofing Pty Ltd

Prime Waterproofing is one of the finest waterproofing companies in Sydney. We have experience of over one decade in providing efficient waterproofing solutions. Our team of professionals is highly skilled and has immense knowledge of waterproofing.