Rami Bitar’s Tawfeer Supermarkets Collaborate With USAID

Discover the transformative collaboration between Rami Bitar and Tawfeer Supermarkets in Lebanon, as they join forces with USAID to revolutionize wastewater management. Detailed in the blog, this partnership signifies a commitment to sustainable practices.

Rami Bitar‘s visionary leadership at Tawfeer, coupled with USAID’s support, is driving impactful initiatives to enhance Lebanon’s wastewater systems. Dive into the blog to explore the innovative strategies, environmental impact, and the broader implications of this collaborative effort in advancing sustainability in Lebanon. Read the blog – https://www.lebanonherald.com/article/592567271-rami-bitar-s-tawfeer-supermarkets-collaborate-with-usaid-to-enhance-lebanon-s-wastewater

November 24, 2023

Rami Bitar

Rami Bitar is a Lebanese serial entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist who is passionate about supporting education, sports, and humanitarian causes. He is the CEO of Capital Partners and Tawfeer International and a managing partner in Bitar International, a group of companies that operates in the fields of retail, trade, and distribution. On Rami Bitar's official Twitter account, you can follow his latest updates, insights, and opinions on various topics, such as business, politics, culture, and social issues. You can learn more about his initiatives and collaborations.