Rhythms of Success: Trending Songs in Qawwali Culture

The qawwali culture started from Amir Khosrow’s works. He was a Persian poet whose works still serve as the role model today. Furthermore, this culture also promotes learning directly from their mentors. And the modern-day legend of Qawwali is known as Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Shahenhah-e-Qawwali. As he took qawwali culture to the international level too. Therefore, many fans click on Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan qawwali mp3 download links. So, they could listen to his best hits like Ho Karam Ki Nazar, Fasl E Gul Hai, and Chand Dhoop Jata Hai.

What’s more, qawwali also promotes spirituality. Therefore, not just Naats, Nohay, but qawwali also refreshes the essence of faith. Moreover, like Farhan Ali Waris is popular Nohay reciter, Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has uplifted the name of qawwali everywhere. Hence, his tracks have also changed the dynamics of qawwali. Thus, many are now contributing massively to this culture. Compositions of Ustad Rafaqat Ali Khan, Aziz Mian, and Amjad Sabri have made a name of their own.

Yeh Kainat Brai Rasool

Ustad Rafaqat Ali Khan, and Azeem Amin produced this qawwali. Yeh Kainat Brai Rasool is another great addition to qawwali world. Moreover, it is a recent addition yet, it is quickly gaining popularity. Thus, it has 2.5M+ views on YouTube alone. Additionally, both qawwals have beautiful delivered the lines. The whole composition talks about how everything was created just for Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) alone. And everything in the world seems like a reminder of his (S.A.W.) personality.

Janay Iss Dil

Presently, the qawwali culture has undergone a spontaneous change. Therefore, there are more female qawwals like Hadiqa Kiani out there than before. And this is a huge deal breaker. Initially, the females were not allowed to see a qawwali performance. And going on stage for a qawwali performance was out of the question. So, it is pure delight to see such works receive massive fame. Janay Iss Dil centers around the pure essence of love and how falling in love is contagious. Thus, the artist’s beautiful delivery of words won her 20M+ fans already.

Allah Hi Jane Kaun Bashar hai

Aziz Mian brought out another wonderful qawwali. Allah Hi Jane Kaun Bashar Hai came out in 2020. Moreover, its deep meaningful verses have got 6M views. This is most probably a relatable qawwali to human nature in qawwali culture. This qawwali lists a lot of noble Prophets (A.S.) and provides examples from their life stories. Besides this, the qawwal also prays for forgiveness on the behalf of whole humanity as humans often make mistakes.

Saher Qareeb Hai

Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is a renowned qawwal in the qawwali world. He is even well-known on the international platforms. Moreover, he has brought out another master piece. Saher Qareeb Hai has managed to capture 4.9M+ hearts on YouTube alone. It is another Urdu Qawwali which is a fine addition to the qawwali world. This composition came out in 2023. The artist’s famous works include, Kamli Waly Nabi, and Ali Sey Pyare Kare to name a few.

Ki Muhammad Sey Wafa

Yasser Dessai has released a fine qawwali. Ki Muhammad Sey Wafa is quite mesmerizing and innovative work. Thus, it is a marvelous gem in qawwali culture. Yasser Desai has embedded Allama Iqbal’s poetic works into his qawwali composition. He used both Shikwa and Jawab e Shikwa’s central idea into his creation. Due to this, his qawwali was quite popular with 5M viewers. The lyrics and the background music were both in smooth symphony.

Qayamat Na Dhao

Hamza Akram brought out this masterpiece. This priceless composition is full of praise. The qawwali is one of the best in qawwali culture. It perfectly lists all the beautiful features of a woman. From their elegant dresses to their finely applied Khol. The qawwal has showered a million praises towards all the women around the world. Due to the perfect poetic lines, the official video has got 2M views already on YouTube.

Tu Meri Jaan, Mohammad

This beautiful Naat was delivered in qawwali style. The vocalist – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan charmed everyone through his powerful vocals. Therefore, 1M fans listened to it online. Moreover, Mian Yousuf Salahuddin used sturdy words in the praise of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) in his composition. This qawwali performance showcased a complete synchronization between the chorus and the vocalist. Besides this, it is a recent addition to the qawwali culture.

Ay Khatm e Rusul Maaki Madani

Ay Khatm e Rusul Maaki Madani is a soothing rendition. Originally, this was Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s master piece. Sibtain Haider delivered this qawwali in his soulful voice. He is young talented vocalist. And he brought out this work as a Ramadan special. Thus, it has got 38M+ fans completely mesmerized. Besides, the lyrics shed light on the unique personality of final Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.). Among the Prophets, only Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) performed the blessed journey of the Al-Isra Wal-Miraaj in a night’s span. Hence, this qawwali describes all the beautiful aspects about the Prophet (S.A.W.) that distinguishes him from other human beings.

Pharr Wanjli Badal Taqdeer Ranjhna

This qawwali was delivered during a show in Lahore. Arif Feroz Khan in his soft vocals, easily captivated 1M people online as well as the crowd in his show. This show took place in 2020 and yet it is worth listening to even now. The qawwali is an impressive combination of lyrics, music, and symphony of instruments. Other works of the artist include, Panj Ny Wajood Wale, Noori Mukhra Pyara, and Akhiyan Tarsan.

Main Qabar Andheri Mein Ghabraon Ga Jab Tanha

This qawwali is quite an emotional qawwali. Since, it was also the last qawwali that the vocalist performed on a live show. The late Amjad Sabri presented this deeply provoking qawwali. No other qawwali can replace the essence of this work in the qawwali culture. The verses convey a request to the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) from the qawwal to accompany him when he will be all alone in his grave. Hence, it is a heartfelt plea that every heart can relate to. Thus, millions have been affected by this work’s charisma.


In conclusion, Amir Khosrow’s works began a qawwali culture. However, today’s amazing vocalists took it to another level of glory. Primarily, there is Yeh Kainat Brai Rasool – a soul stirring work. Secondly, there is Janay Iss Dil which revolves around the notion of pure love. Apart from these, Allah Hi Jane Kaun Bashar Hai is a relatable qawwali to human nature in qawwali culture. Additionally, Saher Qareeb Hai is another great work of Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Next, there is also a gem in qawwali culture titled, Ki Muhammad Sey Wafa.

What’s more, qawwali style also highlights a lot of vital aspects. For instance, the vocalist praise women through his work, Qayamat Na Dhao. Moreover, qawwali style also beautifully enhances other compositions too. For instance, Tu Meri Jaan, Mohammad is a remarkable work, full of praise. Aside from these, there is Ay Khatm e Rusul Maaki Madani. It is another fine work of the qawwali culture. Then, Pharr Wanjli Badal Taqdeer Ranjhna is a perfect combination of soothing music and powerful words. Finally, Main Qabar Andheri Mein Ghabraon Ga Jab Tanha marks the end of this list. The qawwali culture is spreading everywhere quite rapidly. And these works confirm that.


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