Whitewashing Masonry Brick: What is it?

Whitewashing brick is an excellent way of updating the color of the masonry. It’s not a new method; for decades, homeowners have been utilizing this process to enhance the aesthetic of their masonry brick homes. It’s a practice in which a weak layer of watered-down paint is applied over the bricks. The technique frequently results in extreme variations in appearance and usually mutes the natural colors of masonry.

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Pros and Cons of Whitewashing Brick

Pros of Whitewashing Masonry:

Whitewashing brick is an inexpensive method of improving a home’s appearance. You can perform this process even with the paint lying around the house. Anyone can perform this task because the wash is easy to apply and dries fast.

Cons of whitewashing masonry include:

  • a natural-looking, diminished appearance
  • Paint that has not been fully absorbed by the brick may chip and peel.
  • Whitewash is difficult to remove if you change your mind.
  • Whitewash doesn’t soak into the brick in the same way as limewash.

Other Methods for Upgrading Bricks

Instead of whitewashing, you can also limewash the brick to upgrade your masonry. Limewash is typically a mixture of lime, minerals, and water. It has a beautiful finish and appears more naturalistic than whitewashing.

Some of its other advantages are moisture resistance, being inexpensive to utilize, and the ability to penetrate any porous masonry surface without modifying the texture of the brick.

Whether you choose the whitewashing or lime washing method for your home’s enhancement, always opt for reliable and adept masonry contractors in Toronto. They can help give your home a captivating look.