Why choose glass water bottles over plastic ones?

Plastic materials make it possible to manufacture water bottles which are placed on the consumer market. It is the same for glasses, but it is clear recently that there is more of a demand for the latter than for plastics. We say a little more on the subject.

Glass is more hygienic than plastic

For quite some time, plastic bottles have invaded consumers’ daily lives since they are the preferred water packaging. However, certain laboratory studies show that this material leaves residues harmful to human health. An alert was therefore issued to make consumers aware of the risks they run. Water that is stored in a glass bottle loses its potability level over time.

This situation is completely contrary to that of glass bottles which firstly allow water to be kept at the same level of potability. Then, this material can be recycled without difficulty and any apparent danger to human health. This is nevertheless what the studies carried out in this direction come to as a conclusion. Although there is a risk of particles being present in glass bottles, the risk of danger is lower. It is therefore recommended to use glass water packaging over plastic ones.

The glass bottle allows a better fight against climate change

The various disasters that the world is experiencing today require that everyone opt for actions in this direction. Faced with such a situation, the use of plastic is not suitable. On the contrary, it must be restricted. It is a material that has a significant negative impact on the environment since it does not degrade. Plastic water bottles must therefore be banned in the long term to preserve the living environment.

Glass water bottles provide a significant boost in the fight against environmental pollution. They are degradable and can also be reused for other purposes. It is therefore appropriate to optimize the use of these instead of plastic materials.

Water from a glass bottle tastes better

Another advantage that should be taken into account when choosing a glass water bottle is the taste of the contents. The taste of water contained in glass packaging is better than that offered by a plastic bottle. The difference is an undesirable aftertaste you may notice when drinking water from a plastic.

In addition, for the manufacture of a plastic bottle, you must use a quantity of water between 3 and 4 liters. This fact goes against the principles of environmental preservation. It is therefore necessary to raise awareness among plastic manufacturing plants so that they gradually opt for a change of material.

Given all this, glass allows you to have good water quality and good taste. It also helps preserve nature since it is recyclable and degradable.

How to clean a stainless steel travel tumbler

Cleaning a Stainless steel travel tumbler is child’s play, no need for chemical cleaners or dishwashing liquid. Simply fill it with warm, soapy tap water, replace the leak-proof cap, and give it a little shake. Empty the bottle, then rinse it with lukewarm water. Place it on a support to dry. If it needs to be deep cleaned, use equal amounts of baking soda and bleach, or fill it halfway with vinegar, add the water, and let it sit overnight.


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