Why use a glass water bottle?

At a time when the entire world is concerned about the ecological situation of the planet, it is high time to implement actions aimed at preserving our dear and beautiful earth. This involves small, everyday actions that end up bearing fruit over time. Plastic is a very harmful material and numerous studies have already demonstrated this. It is recommended to use a glass water bottle which is much healthier than plastic bottles. And if you’re still wondering why use a glass water bottle? We answer you.


The glass water bottle: more hygienic than plastic bottles

Even though we have been accustomed to using plastic bottles for far too long and we hardly realize their effect on the water they contain, the fact remains that they are harmful. Indeed, recent studies such as those carried out by the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) warn of the health impact of plastic. The water stored in them gradually loses its potability because of the micro particles accumulated over time. However, glass water bottles offer the possibility of being recycled, which presents a considerable advantage when we know that we tend to reuse the bottles.


in 93% of samples (i.e. more than 250 plastic bottles). Even if it has not been clearly demonstrated that these plastic particles come from the bottles themselves, the fact remains that the situation is quite alarming. It is highly doubtful that the same particles could be found in glass bottles.


The glass water bottle: a big step towards preserving the planet

There is no doubt these days that the earth is dying. And the action of plastic in this degeneration is not trivial, quite the contrary. Plastic has a very high impact in environmental degradation since it is a non-degradable material. Continuing to use plastic bottles has contributed greatly to the death of our mother earth. Unlike glass water bottles which are degradable and reusable. The latter thus contribute to the preservation of nature and opting for its use means promoting common action undertaken throughout the world.


Additionally, water stored in a glass water bottle tastes better than water stored in a plastic bottle. Indeed, it remains tasteless in a glass water bottle while it tends to have an unpleasant aftertaste in a plastic bottle.


Opting to use a glass water bottle ultimately proves beneficial for the body, the mind and the environment. Take the step and if you are still wondering why use a glass water bottle, think about the millions of plastic bottles thrown into the sea!


Choosing the right Stainless steel travel tumbler

Look for water bottles with removable bottoms. Many new Stainless steel travel tumbler have a bottom that can be dented. This allows you to better access the bottom and interior of the water bottle, which may be impossible in a Stainless steel travel tumbler that has a narrow neck and neck.


Choose a bottle that has a wide neck. Bacteria can hide in the bevels of narrow-mouthed water bottles. A wide-mouth Stainless steel travel tumbler will limit the curvature of the internal surface of the water bottle, thereby minimizing the surface area that bacteria prefer. Wide-mouthed bottles make it easier to see and access the inside of the bottle, making cleaning easier.


Make sure your water bottle is made from food grade stainless steel. Not all stainless steels are equal. There are a number of different stainless steel alloys. Before purchasing a Stainless steel travel tumbler, check the label or the bottle itself to make sure the bottle is made of stainless steel with an 18/8 or 304 alloy. These are both ratings. food grade stainless steel.


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